Campsite regulations – General terms and conditions

As our guest, you are part of a large camping community. Please note that this community can only exist harmoniously through the social behavior of each individual and considerate cooperation.

Parking and parking spaces for the car

You are permitted to
vehicle on the tent, caravan and motorhome pitches as well as in our mobile homes. The vehicles of our permanent and long-term campers must be parked on the respective pitches. Please be aware of the risk of fire when parking the car with a hot engine and, depending on the official forest fire temperature level, when smoking or barbecuing.

Electrical power supply

For pitch operation, the power supply is realized individually after prior notification. Use your own extension cables / cable drums for this purpose. Charging electric vehicles/hybrids and power banks/stations with a capacity of more than 50,000 mAh is prohibited! Cooking and heating appliances may only be used under supervision. Please pay attention to the special behavioral instructions when the indicated forest fire warning levels come into effect: e.g: At forest fire warning level III, barbecues may only be used by the water or in compliance with special protective and precautionary measures. Campfires and barbecues are prohibited on the entire campsite. The use of disposable barbecues is only permitted with an appropriate distance to the ground.

Water supply

Our central drinking water tap (left tap) is located at the back / outside of the sanitary building. The withdrawal of hot water is not permitted. The supply line in the permanent camper area is used exclusively for watering the garden. (detailed regulations can be found in the contract)

Disposal (waste water / waste)

The central waste water disposal (camping toilet, gray water, etc.) is also located at the rear / outside of the sanitary building. Our central waste disposal point (silver container labeled “Remondis”) is located in the middle in front of the sanitary building (municipal waste can be disposed of here without separation – with the exception of metals, garden waste and all hazardous and harmful substances). Waste must be disposed of in sealed garbage bags.

Sanitary area

The sanitary facilities (showers, toilets, washing up and laundry facilities) are centrally located in the middle of the campsite. To use them correctly, you only need to observe the hygiene standards. The use of hot water from the sanitary facilities is not permitted. There is also a strict ban on smoking and pets. Access is only permitted with street shoes or barefoot. (entering with roller skates / rollerblades is explicitly prohibited) Children may only enter the building when accompanied by an adult. Please inform us if you have any questions. the lack of toilet paper, soap or various defects.


Open fires may only be lit at the designated fireplace. Here, as everywhere else, it is important to use common sense and not to ignite too much at once. When leaving the fireplace, ensure that no embers or fire remains are left unattended. Children and young people under the age of 16 are only permitted to use the fireplace if accompanied by an adult. Furthermore, due to current events, I must point out that only wood may be burned and that there is always sufficient extinguishing water on site.

Entering the forest

The adjacent forest areas are to be avoided not only with regard to possible forest fire warning levels. In particular, waste disposal and sanitary relaxation are strictly prohibited in these areas.


Pets may be brought along and kept on a lead after registering with the campsite management – a lead is compulsory on the site. Contamination must be removed immediately by the owner/guide.

Quiet hours & volume

The public quiet hours (according to the Elsterheide police regulations) from 21:00 to 07:00 apply. The terrace must be operated at a low volume (45dB) from 21:00 and must be closed from 22:00. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, there is also a local midday rest period from 13:00 to 15:00. Particularly during these times, special consideration must be given to other camping guests and local residents. This applies in particular to the operation of music systems (including car radios), driving on the campsite

(walking speed on the entire camping site!)

as well as the volume of speech during meetings. On regular working days / during the day, mutual consideration naturally also applies; loud noise emissions (TV / music systems / motors etc.) are prohibited. The necessary operation of e.g. The use of green space maintenance equipment must be kept to a minimum and is prohibited during rest periods. Violations of these regulations will be punished with an expulsion after a single warning. The fees paid to date will not be refunded.

Vehicles & Traffic

Walking speed applies on the entire camping site in order to prevent possible dust formation and noise pollution and to avoid endangering children at play. Washing vehicles on the campsite is not permitted. Vehicles must drive in and out in accordance with the relevant signage and only via the main access road during the posted service/opening hours (please note the barrier closing time).

Barrier closing times – the barrier system remains closed outside of our service times (lunch break and at night) Exit is possible at any time! (The barrier system is not approved for passenger traffic)


Visitors from our camping guests are of course welcome. However, the same campsite rules apply to them as to the guests themselves. Visitors register independently and immediately upon arrival at reception. The current accommodation prices on the website or the notices/price lists apply. It is only possible to bring your own vehicle for loading and unloading, please use the designated visitor parking lot of the municipality of Elsterheide to park your visitor vehicle.

Smoking ban (mobile homes + camping)

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all mobile homes and the central sanitary facilities. Violations will be penalized with a fine of € 50.00 for additional cleaning costs (ozone cleaning). The disposal of used cigarette butts on the entire camping site is also prohibited and will be penalized with 10,00 €.

Deposit (mobile homes)

Upon receipt of your booking/reservation confirmation, your reservation becomes binding and you accept the General Terms and Conditions of Ferien & Freizeitparks Geierswalde GbR. You will also receive your personal deposit invoice. The remaining amount is due in cash on the day of arrival.

Cancellation & withdrawal conditions

Below you will find the cancellation fees depending on when you cancel your trip.
Up to 30 days before departure: 20%*.
21st – 15th day: 35%*
14th – 8th day: 70%*
7th – 1st day: 80%*

*of the respective total travel sum

Key (mobile homes)

If the keys handed out (2 house keys) are lost, a lump sum of € 25.00 per key will be charged.

Legal provisions

All camping guests must observe the legal regulations and are obliged to comply with the camping rules, which can be supplemented and extended by the management if necessary.

Extended regulations (long-term & permanent campers)

For our permanent camping and long-term parties, the general terms and conditions set out here apply, as well as the specific regulations which were handed over to you with the annual lease agreement.


No liability can be accepted for the loss of or damage to property. Please take care of your own property and do not leave any valuables in plain sight. If you find any lost property, you can leave it at our reception desk.

All campers are liable for any damage they cause. The campsite operator is not liable for damage, accidents and injuries as well as lost items, utensils or damaged property of guests and users of the campsite. The energy and water distribution boxes may not be opened without authorization. The campsite is for recreational purposes. The exercise of a trade and/or exhibition requires the permission of the campsite operator. Violations of the campsite regulations, the police regulations of the municipality of Elsterheide and other legal regulations will be punished by the employees of the municipality of Elsterheide and their representatives with a warning fine and/or expulsion from the campsite without compensation of any kind. Structural changes on the campsite, as well as its surroundings and environment, require written permission and the consent of the campsite operator. Exceptions may be granted by the campsite operator. Subletting of any camping areas is not permitted.


Unfortunately, experience and the protection of all residents force us to take a more serious tone here. Anyone who repeatedly violates the above regulations will be banned from the campsite by the campsite operator.

This applies in particular to the following points:

  • Noise
  • Waste
  • Sanitary
  • Obtaining benefits / false information when registering

Depending on the extent and audacity of the offense, further police or legal action cannot be ruled out. The campsite operator is entitled to refuse to admit persons or to expel them from the campsite if this is necessary to maintain order and safety. A refund of the fees paid to date is not planned.

Have a relaxing stay and ahoy,

Your Vacation & Leisure Park Geierswalde GbR

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