Lake Geierswald, known as Lejnjanski jězor in Upper Sorbian, is an artificial lake. It is largely located in the Free State of Saxony to the northwest of Hoyerswerda and partly in Brandenburg. The villages of Geierswalde and Kleinkoschen, a district of Senftenberg, are located directly on the lake. It is the first lake in the future Lusatian chain of lakes to be used for tourism, after Lake Senftenberg, which was flooded in the 1970s. The remaining hole in the Koschen open-cast mine was flooded with water from the Black Elster. The last renovation work was completed in 2004. The lake was opened in 2006. The water content of the lake is 92 million cubic meters.

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Fishing at Lake Geierswald.

Online guest fishing permits available for Lake Geierswald

Sales launched via the LAVB online store

Lake Geierswald has been officially open for fishing since July 9, 2020. Fishing permits for the flooded open-cast mine remnants, which is part of the newly emerging ”Lusatian Chain of Lakes” and straddles the border between the federal states of Saxony and Brandenburg, have so far only been issued to organized anglers from both federal states. That will now change. From now on, daily and weekly tickets will also be available online for non-organized anglers. All specific conditions for purchasing a guest fishing permit for Lake Geierswald are listed in detail via the following link. These must be observed!


The regulations for fishing in Lake Geierswalde are listed in the Angling Atlas of Saxony:

Lake Geierswald
Lejnjanski jězor
Status: 05’2019
Geographical locationsouth-eastern Brandenburg, north-eastern Saxony
CoordinatesLatitude: 51° 30′ 0″
Longitude: 14° 6′ 0″
Altitude above sea level101m
Surface area620 ha
Maximum depth34 m
Special featuresOpencast mining lake